CV vs LinkedIn

Googling “job search tips” will lead you to an abundance of results, each clamouring for the top position informing you these LinkedIn tips are key to landing your dream job while others shout you’re at nothing without polishing up your CV this way.

So which is more important when it comes to applying for jobs?

The answer…both!

Whether you’re actively searching for a new job or not chances are if you suit a role a recruiter may come across your LinkedIn profile. Consider LinkedIn one big database for recruiters and like with all databases, it’s important they’re kept up to date. So, keep yours refreshed by updating your skills, achievements and responsibilities often.

The Chicken or the Egg? Or In Our Case…Your CV or LinkedIn Profile – Which Comes First?

Depending on the way you apply (or don’t!) for a role will determine which comes first.

There are a myriad of ways to apply for a role without using your CV, e.g. through LinkedIn’s easy apply application which means your future employer or recruiter will use your LinkedIn as their first port of call in assessing your suitability. Or they may have just searched for keywords that match with your profile and decided you were a top candidate.

On the other hand, if you’re using job boards, your CV is where they’ll assess your suitability to the role’s criteria, or if you’ve previously registered with a recruiter your CV may pop up in a search of their database.

Throughout your job search process, both your CV and your LinkedIn will be reviewed by your recruiter so it’s important they both stand out (for all the right reasons.)

Time For Tailoring

With a CV, you can be more specific then you can with your LinkedIn profile. It’s still the main way of having your responsibilities, skills and experiences laid out in greater detail chronologically. If you’ve read our previous CV mistakes blog post, you know it’s important to tailor your CV to each specific role you’re applying for. Take keywords and skills from the job spec and through your current job responsibilities show how you’re a perfect fit. With your CV, you can highlight only the relevant information (which means your recruiter or potential employer doesn’t have to work to figure out why you’re a star candidate.)

Everyone Needs A Cheerleader

Your LinkedIn profile should make your CV stand out and get recruiters wanting to get to know more about your experiences. LinkedIn allows you to be more descriptive in a less formal way than your CV does.

Keeping your profile up to date with your daily responsibilities, skills and achievements increases your chances of having a recruiter come to you first.

To learn more about how to stand out on LinkedIn check out our previous blog post here.

But for a quick recap:

  • Ask friends and colleagues to endorse your skills on your profile and leave recommendations.
  • Make sure you include a profile picture (and that it’s professional looking!)
  • Take advantage of the summary feature and include a bio of yourself.
  • Like and share relevant content and get involved in conversations.
  • Include industry keywords throughout your profile.
  • Keep your current position updated.
  • Avoid buzzwords!

Comparing your CV and LinkedIn profile in terms of importance is like apples and oranges, both are key tools in your job search arsenal and have their own merits. Use your LinkedIn profile to entice professionals to want to get to know more about your skills and then provide them with (relevant) detailed breakdowns within your CV.

At Recruitment by Aphex, we’re with our candidates every step of the way, from the submission process right through to the acceptance of an offer. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have about your role, potential company, CV, or interview technique. We also provide our candidates with mock style preparation interviews with our in-house experts and engineers to ensure you’re feeling completely prepared and confident in your abilities. Want to find out more about how we can help you in your search? Contact us to set up a conversation with our team to discuss how we can help you.